Farhan Zaidi Reveals How Dodgers Got Manny Machado Trade Done

Dodgers GM Farhan Zaidi joined David Vassegh on Wednesday night to discuss the arrival of Manny Machado, how he impacts the lineup and where he will see action at in the field.

Zaidi also took listeners behind the scenes of how the trade got done. 

While the trade deadline is not until the end of the month, the Dodgers had no plans on waiting around until the last minute. As such, the front office pounced on the opportunity when it became clear that the Orioles wanted to trade Machado before the end of the All-Star break.

"We'd been really engaged with the Orioles over the past month," Zaidi said. "In that time, there were a lot of peaks and valleys. There are times when it seems like other teams had pulled ahead of us. There were other times when we felt good and then things took a step back. Over the past week, it seemed like the Orioles were intent on making something happen over the All-Star break. We kind of stepped up and made sure our offer was competitive, and not just competitive relative to other teams, but was something that would get them to act sooner rather than waiting around until July 31st. Really in the past week is when things accelerated and got to this point."

Zaid went on to hint that Machado can be expected in the lineup on Friday in Milwaukee against the Brewers, and that he will play shortstop while seeing action at different positions when called upon.

"Manny is going to play short, and some third when called upon," Zaidi said. "He's going to move around a little like all our guys do."

Listen to the full interview below.

Watch Justin Turner And Alex Wood Find Out Dodgers Landed Manny Machado  - Thumbnail Image

Watch Justin Turner And Alex Wood Find Out Dodgers Landed Manny Machado

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