LeBron James Mural Painted Over After Latest Vandalizing

The controversial LeBron James mural that went up last week in Los Angeles has been painted over after being vandalized for the second time.

The mural, created by artist Jonas Never — who made an appearance on Roggin and Rodney last week — was initially created to celebrate James' decision to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. While some Lakers fans were excited, others were put off the the caption "King of LA", a play on the NBA superstar's nickname "King James".

This led to an initial vandalizing earlier in the week, after which Never removed the word "of" from the caption. All seemed well, but after an ominous tweet followed by a no-show at a local Blaze Pizza this week, a notable contingency of Lakers became disgruntled. 

It is uncertain if this sparked the latest vandalizing, but regardless, the mural will no longer be visible to sports fans in Los Angeles.

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