Dodgers Super Fans: Who Are They?

Think you're up to date on all things Dodgers? 

So you know about the team, the players and, of course, the team's storied history. And the food...You can't forget about the food

But what about the Dodgers' super fans?

Keep reading to find the best fan pages that will keep you in the loop for all the latest Dodgers activity. True sports fans are known for doing ~almost~ anything to show support for the colors they bleed. From traveling the country as a fan club to fully painting their faces, you won't want to miss out on what Dodgers fans have to offer. 

Take a look below for a dive into some of the biggest Dodgers super fans out there.


If you are looking for a way to fully support your favorite team, you might want to check out @pantone294. Basing their name off of the official name of the Dodger Blue color, Pantone 294, this group is the most dedicated fanbase the Dodgers have. They bring together fans from all over the world to share the joy of watching the Boys in Blue play ball at stadiums across the country. With this group, you'll never be alone in your Dodger Pride! One of their largest groups they've had to date totaled up to over 150 fans. Want to road trip? This group also has an amazing road trip community in order to help get more dedicated fans to the away games. Make sure to check out their website to see how you can be apart of this legendary Blue Crew! 


His iconic look has gained him over eight thousand Instagram followers and multiple features on the jumbotron. Depending on the game, @DodgerBaseballHead will decorate his entire head with advertisements, stickers, pictures, and even special decals depending on the game location. It takes hours of painting on decoration before attending each game, but the man beneath the paint says it is worth all of the work. He is now recognized by fans in the grandstands and frequently takes pictures with those who ask. 


This super fan is hard to miss with his towering Dodger blue mohawk. Blue Hawk represents his favorite team by putting different Dodgers symbols and characters that fit the theme of the night on his bright blue canvas. This distinct hairstyle has not only earned him a large fan base of his own, but custom Blue Hawk iron on patches and Blue Hawk bobble heads for his fans to purchase. And just incase you were wondering - yes, he does actually dye his hair blue for the occasion.


Known best for their post-win memes, the Instagram page @thedodgerdude never disappoints with their Dodger focused humor. The Dodger Dude also offers fan gear and original apparel with unique designs catered to upcoming games. Make sure to check out their page before games to hype you up for with hilarious Dodgers content.


Sports fanatic @pmendeezy has gained quite a few followers due to his love for the LA Dodgers. He attends as many games as possible and represents his favorite team wherever he travels. You can catch him in the stands taking photographs of the players, chatting up other fans, and posting some of his best foodie finds. 


This dedicated Dodgers fan is also a member of the Pantone 294. Richie, known as the #Mariachiloco to his fans, visits every game decked out from head to toe in Dodger blue. His signature items are his LA Dodgers sombrero and Dodgers skull bandana.  If you're interested in collectable fan items, he is also an avid Dodgers pin collector and posts updates on the newest items available. 

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