Will The Spurs Sell Kawhi Leonard While The Price Is High?

Kawhi Leonard

Despite the Spurs coming out and saying that they want Kawhi Leonard to stay a part of their family, Lakers legend James Worthy still believes Leonard will make it clear he wants to leave San Antonio and come to Los Angeles. 

It's a matter if San Antonio is willing to give up on Kawhi Leonard now or wait closer to the trade deadline in February and lose the risk of selling Kawhi Leonard for a high price. 

Worthy also gives his opinion on LeBron potentially signing with the Lakers, and he believes it would have to be a perfect scenario for LeBron to come.

Worthy believes since Chris Paul would be willing to take a pay cut to sign with Houston, James would more than likely sign there because it would be the clearest road to a championship.

As well, Worthy explains the difference between this year's NBA Draft in comparison to when he was in the draft.

To hear more, listen below: 

Photo: Getty Images

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