LeBron Signing With The Lakers Is A Huge Risk

Giving his input on Shaquille's comments on LeBron, NBA Insider Chris Broussard, thinks he's way off. The comparison of the point in careers is the difference.

At the time of Shaq's career, he wasn't the same superstar player he was known to be. LeBron is still the best player in the world. Broussard agrees with Kobe's comments that LeBron needs to figure out how to keep winning. 

Adding on to LeBron's pending free agency, Broussard believes LeBron signing with the Lakers would be a huge risk.

The Kawhi Leonard reports that he wants out of San Antonio and prefers a trade to Los Angeles, heightens the risk.

If the Lakers sign LeBron James and Paul George and trade for Kawhi Leonard, not winning a championship would greatly affect LeBron's legacy. 

To hear more listen below:

Photo: Getty Images

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