Rob Parker: LeBron Not Enough To Bring Lakers A Championship

LeBron James

FS1 analyst Rob Parker joined Roggin and Rodney this week give his take on the NBA Finals, LeBron James' free agency and why he wouldn't be enough to bring a championship to the Lakers.

It's not surprising to Parker that LeBron would try to change the narrative of the Warriors sweeping the Cavaliers. It's typical behavior of LeBron to try to deflect and make the story all about him. A series sweep was expected after the Game One loss, and Parker believes it's horrible for the already broken league.

The Cavaliers are 1-8 in the NBA Finals over the last two years.  

The Warriors are already favorites for the next season and whatever team LeBron signs with will be as well. 

LeBron chances of coming to Los Angeles aren't as clear. Parker doesn't see LeBron coming unless the Lakers figure out a way to get Chris Paul and Paul George to Los Angeles as well.

LeBron is about winning championships, and if he doesn't believe he can win in Los Angeles, there's no way he'll sign with Lakers. 

Listen to the full interview below.

Photo: Getty Images

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