Max Muncy Is One Of The Great Stories In Baseball

Max Muncy

Dodgers Insider Ned Colletti joined Roggin and Rodney this week to discuss the team's series win over the Braves, the emergence of Max Muncy and Ross Stripling as a potential All-Star. 

Colletti spoke highly of Ross Stripling and his potential of making the All Star Game this year. He believes his chances are better than ever, since Dave Roberts will be the National League manager. 

The Dodgers have always been confident in in Stripling, with Colletti noting, "We knew how he could pitch."

Colletti also discusses the close division race and how the Dodgers' offense is being productive in their at-bats.

He also talks about how one of the great stories in baseball is Max Muncy. 

"Two months ago you didn't know who he was." 

Muncy has been a great addition to the Dodgers and has made a significant impact this season. 

Listen to the full interview below.

Photo: Getty Images

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