LeBron James' Injury Dumber Than J.R. Smith Play

On Monday morning's show, Dan Patrick went off on LeBron James' hand injury. He called it a 'dumber move than J.R Smith."'

Following the Warriors' four-game NBA Finals sweep of the Cavaliers, James showed up to his press game conference in a soft cast. He further explained how, after Game One, he broke his hand hitting a whiteboard from the emotions of the loss. 

Patrick believes James didn't have to show up to the conference in a cast, and was looking for excuses to defend his team's loss. 

In the end, Patrick's take on James is that the cast gave him a worse look. Smith had a knucklehead moment, but James hitting a white board in the NBA Finals is even worse. James jeopardized his playing ability, and that affected not only him, but also his team. 

Watch the full clip above.

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