How Torii Hunter Helped Spur Matt Kemp's Resurgence

Torii Hunter joined David Vassegh to discuss his work with Matt Kemp this offseason, leading to a resurgence by the veteran outfielder. 

Below are a few notable quotes from the interview.

On changes to working out and eating habits:

"This guy was dedicated. I gave him all the things that possibly happened in my life and made some adjustments, as far as I lost weight and I felt better. I had a chef and I ate right. I had a trainer that helped me put out a workout program to help me maintain my weight and [prevent] injuries and different things like that. Matt took on all of those things."

On Kemp maintaining a 'growth mindset':

“I made sure he stayed in a certain mindset and focus. Most guys at his age, they are in a fixed mindset. They’re stuck or set in their ways. (Matt) chose to have a growth mindset, and ‘how can I play a little longer’.”

On Kemp maturing over the years:

“He’s grown up, he’s matured. What he’s doing on the field right now, everyone knows he’s capable of. But he actually got his mind right, he’s changed his life and mindset. And I think this guy is going to play for a little while longer.”

Listen to the full interview below. 

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