Brandon Ingram Works With Trainer Behind Victor Oladipo All-Star Year

Brandon Ingram has a big offseason ahead, and Lakers fans will be happy to know that the talented forward has enlisted some highly-regarded help this summer.

"I'm Possible" CEO Micah Lancaster posted a video to his Instagram page this week, showing a recent workout video with Ingram in the gym going through drills.

If you think you've heard of Lancaster and "I'm Possible" before, that is because their training practices helped play a pivotal role in this year's breakout, All-Star season of Pacers guard Victor Oladipo.

Per The Ringer:

His mornings started with skill-enhancement training with I’m Possible Training, then he went over to work at DBC Fitness, went home to nap, and returned to DBC for recovery and treatment.

Oladipo’s physical changes set the foundation for his progress on the court. For 13 weeks this offseason, Micah Lancaster and Joshua Dudley of I’m Possible Training put Oladipo through unorthodox drills that helped him stay low and stop on a dime as a ball handler, and get better at reacting to traps and hedges. Oladipo later worked in August with Noah LaRoche from Integrity Hoops on in-game actions, such as drive-and-kicks in the pick-and-roll, post-ups, and finishing at the rim. The training was designed to complement his gym workouts. If Oladipo was working on hip flexibility and quick-twitch muscle movements at DBC, then I’m Possible helped him translate it to quickness in the open floor, agility in tight spaces, and change of direction.

Watch the video above.

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