Walker Buehler On Dodgers' No-Hitter: "It's Still Kind Of Surreal"

Walker Buehler Dodgers No-Hitter

Dodgers pitcher Walker Buehler joined David Vassegh on Saturday to discuss the Dodgers' historic night against the San Diego Padres. 

Buehler contributed to the Dodgers' first ever combined no-hitter through, tossing eight strikeouts in six innings. Despite the historic night, Buehler says the accomplishment hasn't quite hit him yet.  

"It's still kind of surreal and to do it in Mexico is definitely a little bit different but no it was fun and all the guys seem to be happy about it. You just hoping that can go out and put up zeros and not get embarrassed. So no, not necessarily. I felt fine." 

Although it was his first no-hitter  in the majors, Buehler revealed that he had done it before in the past. 

"I think I got into the sixth in college. I threw one in a high school game, but I think it was like a slaughter rule game so it was like five innings. So that was the deepest I've probably gotten."

Dave Roberts pulled Buehler in the sixth inning and looked towards the bullpen to close out the game. Buehler says he would have liked to go longer, but understood Roberts decision.   

"I mean competitively, it's tough but you know at the end of the day competing is about winning and we won and we are going to try to win for a long time. You kinda got to count on that its not going to happen or else you're going to drive yourself crazy a little bit."

Listen to the full interview below. 

Photo: Getty Images

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