The Masters' Food Prices Are The Best In Sports

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At #themasters, lunchtime is an opportunity to renew traditions.

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Images of the menu board at The Masters have begun to surface, reminding all of us that the iconic event has the best food prices in sports.

The most expensive menu items, Import Beer and American Craft Beer, top out at $5. The vintage egg salad and pimento cheese sandwiches each cost just $1.50.  

With $20 in hand, you can try just about every item on the menu.

If you could find your way into The Masters, what item would you be most excited to try?

  • Egg Salad Sandwich ($1.50)
  • Pimento Cheese Sandwich ($1.50)
  • Bar-B-Que ($3)
  • Masters Club ($2.50)
  • Grilled Chicken Wrap ($3)
  • Classic Chicken Sandwich ($3)
  • Ham and Cheese on Rye ($2.50)
  • Masters Blend Coffee ($1.50)
  • Sausage Biscuit ($1.50)
  • Blueberry Muffin ($1.50)
  • Soft drinks ($2)
  • Domestic Beer ($4)
  • Imported Beer ($5)
  • American Craft Beer ($5)
  • Chips ($1.50)
  • Cookies ($1.50)
  • Georgia Pecan Ice Cream Sandwich ($2)



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