Ski Lift Malfunction Turns Terrifying, Sending Passengers Flying (VIDEO)

A ski lift ride turned terrifying for several skiers this week, when an elevator on the slopes in Gudauri, Georgia malfunctioned.

Passengers were sent flying as a result of the ski lift malfunction, as the elevator accelerated into high-speed and would not slow down for 'a minute or two.' Eight individuals were reportedly taken to the hospital.

Per Pravda.RU:

Many passengers of the chairlift have suffered various injuries. Those who risked jumping off the elevator, injured their legs. However, those descending to the foot of the mountain have suffered much more serious injuries, because they would be crushed into piled up metal seats.

According to eyewitnesses, the cableway could be stopped only a minute or two later. Rescuers arrived in seven minutes while eyewitnesses were doing their best to help the injured.

The report suggests that the accident could have been a result of negligent charlift workers.

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