MLB Food Fest Is A Foodie's Paradise

Major League Baseball has introduced an event that is certain to be a foodie's paradise.

MLB Food Fest will go down from April 21-22 in New York City, and will offer fans the opportunity to sample dishes from all 30 ballparks.

Below is a look at what food will be offered up by each MLB team:

American League

  •  Orioles: Chesapeake Waffle Fries
  •  Red Sox: New England Lobster Rolls
  •  White Sox: South Side Horseshoe
  •  Indians: Flamethrower
  •  Tigers: Chicken Shawarma Nachos
  •  Astros: Chicken Waffle Cone
  •  Royals: Brisket-Acho
  •  Angels: Japanese Pork Katsu
  •  Twins: Kurd-Marczuk
  •  Yankees: Adobo Bao
  •  A's: Monte Khrush Davis Cristo
  •  Mariners: Toasted Grasshoppers
  •  Rays: Reuben Cuban Sandwich
  •  Rangers: Chicken & Donuts
  •  Blue Jays: Big Smoke Jerk Chicken Nachos

National League

  •  Diamondbacks: Churro Dog
  •  Braves: Pig Pickin'
  •  Cubs: Chicago Dog
  •  Reds: Fry Box
  •  Rockies: Helton Burger & Fries
  •  Dodgers: Cheeto-Lote
  •  Marlins: Bacon-Wrapped Plantain
  •  Brewers: Cheddar Beer Bratwurst
  •  Mets: NY Deli Pastrami Sandwich
  •  Phillies: Bull's BBQ Slider
  •  Pirates: Pulled Pork Pierogi Hoagie
  •  Padres: Seaside Market's Tri-Tip Nachos
  •  Giants: Crazy Crab Sandwich
  •  Cardinals: Gioia's Hot Salami Sandwich
  •  Nationals: Crab Grilled Cheese
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