Doc Rivers responds to Chris Paul's comments on Clippers

Chris Paul discussed the thought process behind his decision to leave the Clippers with Jay-Z this offseason, with the three-part documentary series set to be aired later this week.

In a clip from the documentary, Paul makes the following comments:

"A lot of people see the wins and losses, but it's the culture of our team. If you aren't trying to contend with the Warriors, then what are you doing? You know what I mean? The Warriors haven't lost in the playoffs. If you aren't trying to contend with them, then what are you doing?"

Doc Rivers heard these comments for the first time on Wednesday during an interview on "Lunchtime" with Roggin and Rodney, and provided the below response:

"I think everybody is trying to compete with [the Warriors], but last I checked it's the players that are trying to compete with them. I didn't play against the Warriors. You did. I think it's so easy when you leave — coaches do it, players do it — to try and put the house on fire when you leave, and you had nothing to do with it. You know what I mean? We could do a better job coaching, and players could do a better job playing. It always works out that way. But for the most part, players never take any fault. The last time we played the Warriors in the playoffs, we beat them. Then the next year, in the Oklahoma City series, we came apart. And the guy that was talking about that, was one of the main guys in that series where we could have won. The following year we have a 3-1 advantage, and we came apart. Then the next two years we had the injuries and we couldn't do anything about it.

"Overall, I love what Chris did, what all our players did. But at the end of the day we were not good enough. You just have to accept the fact that team was better than your team. What hurts me is I thought talent-wise we could have been better than what we did. I thought the culture was good, it evaporated last year some because you had a lot of guys thinking about leaving. Either you're in or you're out, and once you decide you may be in, then you're out. I thought last year you could really feel that from our whole team, we had too many guys trying to make a decision on whether they should sign back or not. When you have that, you don't have a team that's in. You look at Golden State as a great example. Do you think one of those guys last season was thinking about getting out? Not one. They played like a team and we're committed the whole time. I think that's the answer."

Listen to the full interview below, as Rivers goes on to discuss the upcoming season, Blake Griffin's enhanced leadership role and the Clippers' new-look backcourt.

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