Vanilla Ice tells Dan Patrick who the best rapper in the game today is

"Drake is killing it right now. Above everybody. Above Jay-Z. Above Lil Wayne...Kendrick Lamar is a close second right now."

Vanilla Ice dominated the hip-hop scene for a brief moment in the early 1990's, following the release of his cross-generational hit "Ice Ice Baby".

While the rapper was not an all-time great, he is undoubtedly an icon from his era -- with his prime preceding the rise of two legends in Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G.

So, naturally, his take on the current rap scene during an interview on The Dan Patrick Show is an interesting listen.

Check below for more clips from the interview, as Vanilla Ice gives his thoughts on sampling music, clears up rumors involving Suge Knight and Madonna, and discusses how Tupac and other rappers treated him. 

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