The Ball family took over WWE's Miz TV and it went as you would suspect

LaVar Ball surprises everyone and embarrasses himself while trying to self-promote. 

The over-the-top father participated in a theoretically fun skit with his sons Lonzo and LaMelo but it quickly de-railed. The Ball family was on WWE’s “Monday Night Raw” TV show which was broadcast live from Staples Center on the USA Network. The family was guests on Miz TV, an interview segment hosted by WWE heel The Miz.

The ring was adorned with four mannequin’s repping the “Big Baller” brand. LaVar and LaMelo were greeted with boos but when Lonzo was introduced he was greeted with some cheers. He then pointed out that it was his first time in Staples Center as a Laker which also drew a cheer. It is interesting that he chose a WWE event to be his first Staples Center experience as a Laker, but to each their own.

Things took a turn when The Miz started announcing that he was partnering with the Big Baller brand. LaVar took over and started saying how The Miz wasn’t big enough for the brand.

The father then proceeded to rip off his shirt, run around the ring and challenge The Miz to a fight. This elicited laughter from his sons but everyone else was un-amused.

As he was running around his younger son, LaMelo, forgot or didn’t care that he was mic’d up and said “Beat that --- “ using a pejorative for African-Americans. He seemed to be having fun watching his dad when he said it but social media is already up in arms about it.

The WWE made a statement about the comment: WWE responded to what happened with the following: "The inappropriate language used by a guest during the 'Miz TV' segment was not scripted nor reflects WWE's values."

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