Belief in ownership drew Jerry West to Clippers

With a potentially transformative offseason underway for the L.A. Clippers, the organization has brought one of the most brilliant minds in NBA history on board.

The Clippers welcomed basketball icon Jerry West to the organization at a press conference on Monday.

"They want to establish their own identity in this town," West said. "To me, that's most important." 

West spent the past six years with the Golden State Warriors as a special consultant, where he helped construct the team that has claimed two of the past three NBA Championships. He will serve a similar role with the Clippers.

Of course, West is best known for his widely successful Lakers career as a player, coach and front office figure. During this run that spanned more than four decades, West was a seven-time NBA champion -- winning one title as a player and another six as an executive.

Shortly after the press conference, West joined Petros and Money for an exclusive interview. 

The NBA legend would touch on what drew him to the Clippers, how free agency would have impacted his playing career with the Lakers and more.

Listen below.

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