NBA Rumors: Chris Paul, Spurs share mutual interest

Is Clippers star Chris Paul on his way out of LA? 

The above question will linger until the unrestricted free agent point guard and nine-time All-Star signs a contract this summer -- either with the Clippers or elsewhere. If Paul is to leave the Clippers, initial speculation lends us to believe the San Antonio Spurs are a potential destination. 

The following excerpt via a recent podcast from ESPN's Zach Lowe elaborates on the situation, hinting that the two sides share a mutual interest.

"There's been a lot of rumblings about Chris Paul, and I think that's real," Lowe says. "I think there's mutual interest there. I don't know how real it is given the Clippers can offer a gigantic amount of money and are also a really good team; and the Spurs, like I said, have no sort of cap flexibility to get there. I'm very curious about what they do this summer and who's on the team next year."

While mutual interest is one important factor, so is finances -- something that works heavily in the Clippers' favor.

Photo: Getty Images

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