Dodgers icons to be honored early in 2017 season

In the rich history of the Dodgers franchise that dates back more than a century, you will be hard-pressed to find two individuals that transcended the sport of baseball more than Jackie Robinson and Vin Scully.

In the first five weeks of the 2017 season, both will be honored in highly-anticipated tribute ceremonies at Dodger Stadium.

Jackie Robinson Night on April 15th against the Arizona Diamondbacks -- the first Saturday night game of the year -- will be the first such occurrence, as the first statue at Dodger Stadium will be unveiled in remembrance of the iconic Dodgers shortstop that broke down baseball's color barrier. 

Fans in attendance will receive a keepsake from the historic event in the form of a sized-down replica statue.

"The past couple years we have given away a replica jersey that has done really well," Dodgers Vice President of Ticket Sales David Siegel said. "This year, we are going to be unveiling our first statue at Dodger Stadium, a Jackie Robinson statue, and everyone in attendance at that game is going to receive a replica statue. The unique thing is, because it is being unveiled that day, we can't show people what it looks like. But it is amazing."

While the organization cannot reveal much about the statue at the moment, we do know that it will be a bronze statue on a granite base. As for the unveiling ceremony itself, set to occur a few hours before the game, more details will emerge in the coming weeks.

"There are going to be a lot of dignitaries out here for a ceremony a couple hours before the stadium opens," Siegel said. "More information is going to come out on that, and whether it is open to the public or just season seat holders and dignitaries. I can't say much right now, but I will tell you the statue is one of the coolest poses I've ever seen, and it is going to be a can't miss destination at Dodger Stadium."

A few weeks later, Scully is set to make his long-awaited return to Dodger Stadium after stepping away from the broadcast booth last fall.

The Vin Scully Ceremony -- and coinciding Commemorative Microphone Statue giveaway -- is scheduled for May 3rd against the San Fransisco Giants. 

The timing of the event is no coincidence, although not because of the heated division rivalry that first comes to mind. Scully, who grew up in New York City, discovered his love for baseball listening to Giants games during their tenure at the Polo Grounds.

In addition to tributes to Robinson and Scully, the Dodgers will also roll out the first three of an eight-part Great Dodger Moments coin series in the first two months of the season. Tommy Lasorda's Hall of Fame induction, Orel Hershiser's scoreless inning streak and Clayton Kershaw's no-hitter will be honored on April 19th, May 1st and May 18th, respectively.

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