Las Vegas didn't steal Raiders, Oakland lost them

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 22:  Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf speaks during the 2016 Cannabis Business Summit & Expo  on June 22, 2016 in Oakland, California. Schaaf delivered the closing address on the final day of the three-day long Cannabis Business Summit & Expo

"No one ever takes a team from a market. Las Vegas did not take the Raiders. Los Angeles did not take the Chargers and the Rams. San Diego lost the Chargers, St. Louis lost the Rams and Oakland lost the Raiders."

The Raiders will be leaving Oakland for Las Vegas in the near future, after NFL owners voted 31-1 in favor of the relocation on Monday.

Looking back on what led to the Raiders leaving their longtime home, it is easy to point blame at team owner Mark Davis. It should be noted, however, that local politicians deserve at least partial blame for what unfolded.

Fred Roggin and Rodney Peete discussed the matter during "Lunchtime" with Roggin and Rodney this week. 

Peete, who worked with the group that attempted to keep the Raiders in Oakland, mentioned how local politicians seemed in over their heads dealing with NFL owners -- a group comprised of billionaire businessmen and professional dealmakers.

"The NFL will keep moving that goal line until they get everything they want," Peete said.

Both Roggin and Peete agree that Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and other local officials overplayed their hand, and should have been more welcoming to the Raiders after they missed out on relocating to Los Angeles last year.

Listen below.

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