WATCH: Austin Rivers comments on LeBron-LaVar Ball situation

LaVar Ball found himself back in the headlines this week, as LeBron James responded to a suggestion that his fame could potentially hinder his sons' growth as basketball players.

For more information on this latest chapter in the LaVar Ball saga, click here.

TMZ Sports approached Clippers guard Austin Rivers -- son of the team's head coach, Doc Rivers -- for his take on the situation.

"I would choose to ignore him, but LeBron is on quite a different level...I respect that he is taking care of his family and his kids."

Rivers also commented on how being the son of a famous NBA figure hasn't held him back.

"I've been getting that since I was 6 years old just for being the son of Doc. I've been getting s**t since I was a kid, and it's never fazed me. I'm here now and I'm only getting started."

Rivers finished the impromptu interview with some kind words for LaVar's kids.

"I wish the sons all the best. I think Lonzo is going to be a great player. I think he has the chance to be an All-Star caliber player."

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