Ray Lewis gives Terrell Owens advice on his Hall of Fame quest

Terrell Owens is one of the most prolific wide receivers in NFL history, but due to off-the-field antics and a reputation as a bad teammate, he is struggling to find his way into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis — who will likely be enshrined to the Hall of Fame next year — joined The Herd on Wednesday and provided advice to Owens as he continues his quest to Canton, Ohio.

"I would disappear from talking about what I've done," Lewis said. "His numbers speak for themselves. You get into the Hall of Fame by what you did on the field. That's the bottom line and that's where he should carry it. Don't bring any more attention, because whatever everybody wants to keep saying, let them keep saying that. It's irrelevant at the end of day because the people you're trying to impress now are the people behind those doors. 

"Everything is a brand. It's all about branding. It's one thing about being in a room and listening to somebody talk about you and being out of a room and listening to somebody talk about you."

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