Lane Kiffin discusses infamous FAU hype video

Lane Kiffin joined The Herd with Colin Cowherd on Wednesday, and during the interview discussed the hilariously bad FAU hype video that was released for National Signing Day.

Kiffin's explanation, which can be heard below, revolved around bringing attention to the program.

"If we just put out a normal, excited video, 'Hey come to FAU, it's gonna be a great signing class, buy season tickets!' Nobody is gonna play (care about) that outside of probably Boca (Raton). Let’s do the worst one ever, so everybody will put it on TV and say, look how bad this is! All of the sudden we got publicity for the program and people looking up FAU that don’t even know what FAU is."

Kiffin also discussed leaving Alabama.

"When you leave a place whether you’re fired whether you know go somewhere else, I think I always look at coaches and how did they leave it compared to when they got there. You know you’re getting paid to make the program better. I think we did that. You know we won three SEC championships, it was a great marriage and it worked. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there for that last game, but you know it is what it is."

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