LaMelo Ball's 92-point night deserves high praise, but also warrants questions

Chino Hills star LaMelo Ball, a UCLA commit and the younger brother of Bruins point guard Lonzo Ball, scored 92 points during a 146-120 victory over Los Osos on Tuesday night. 

During L.A. Today on Wednesday, Fred Roggin and Rodney Peete congratulated the sophomore on his performance.

"Scoring 92 points in a basketball game, especially in high school, it's an incredible feat," said Peete.

While acknowledging this remarkable accomplishment, though, Roggin and Peete could not help but voice their displeasure for a style of basketball that is predicated on "cherry-picking" and padding stats.

"This is a day and a time where it's not about we, it's about me," Roggin said. "And when you have a guy scoring 92 points in a high school basketball game, what you’re doing is padding your stats. What you’re doing is sending a message to everybody 'I can really play. Look at me score.' I would suggest to you I know another guy like that: D’Angelo Russell."

Roggin makes it clear that he does not take away anything from Ball's feat, although he does have a question for the coaching staff.

"I'm not diminishing the must be applauded. But if I'm the coach of that team, why is he in the game?"

Listen to the full audio below.

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