Boston Globe prints early editions assuming Patriots loss

DORCHESTER, MA - MAY 4:  Boston Globe delivery trucks sit parked outside the papers headquarters May 4, 2009 in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Negotiations between the New York Times, The Globes parent company, and the newspapers largest union continued past

For the first half and better part of the third quarter in Super Bowl 51, the New England Patriots were on pace to get blown out by the Atlanta Falcons. Trailing 28-3 with just over 17 minutes left to play, many assumed the Patriots had no shot of mounting what would become the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history — including those working on the early edition of the Boston Globe.

In order to reach readers who live well beyond the Boston area, an early edition deadline is a fact of life. Unfortunately for Boston Globe, this resulted in newspapers being delivered to Florida residents bearing the headline "A Bitter End" in assumption of a Patriots loss.

This may be an understandable occurrence for those in the print newspaper industry, but it doesn't make it look any better for The Globe after the Patriots rattled off 31 unanswered points to win an all-time great Super Bowl. 

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