With our Los Angeles Dodgers kicking off the season against the Arizona Diamondbacks from Australia, and oh yeah... the other teams will be kicking off their season too, we wanted to bring you some of the funniest and possibly saddest baseball clips you might have missed.

Oh yeah, this is The Stash's Weekly Sports Round Up with Julieanne (follow her on Twitter!) and we give you some of the hottest stories in the college basketball, and more!

This week's stories...

1. Italian baseball team POORLY parody film Major League

2. Some idiot invades the ice during a hockey game; security tackles him 

3. Kid freaks out over foul ball at Dodgers game in Australia

4. Grown man tackles little girl chasing home run

5. 300-pound football recruit can run REALLY fast

6. The San Jose Sharks make a kids day come true