It's time for you to get in to the naughty list by watching this week's show of The Stash's Weekly Sports Round Up with our host, Julianne (follow her on Twitter!). We're inching closer to Christmas and it's time for you to keep yourself in check to see if you made this year's naughty or nice list... And by this week's Stash, it seems a lot of sports superstar will have trouble making it in to the nice list... Steve Spurrier is in the "WTF Dude List," though... for real.

This Week's Stories...

1. Head basketball coach for Southern Illinois University rant

2. Terence Garvin hit

3. Kid hates Steelers

4. Cody Zeller makes weird Xmas video

5. Steve Spurrier working out

6. DMX perfectly sings Xmas classic song