When they're not talking about the weather causing mudslides in the state of Washington, they're probably talking about the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. When they're not talking Hawks, they're talking about how the NBA let someone steal the Sonics. And when they're not talking about that, they're talking Major League Baseball. Or possibly the NHL. But probably baseball.

Q13 Fox weatherman Tom Yawzinski was caught on camera Tuesday morning during what he thought was an unbroadcasted moment. Oh, how wrong he was. Yawzinski didn't swear or tell an off-color joke, but he did mention give some baseball commentary:

“I’d be happy, man. Rangers to me are a sinking ship.”

It's not 100 percent clear if he means the Texas Rangers or the NHL's New York Rangers, but considering the baseball Rangers play in the AL West with the Seattle Mariners, and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson plays (sort of) in the Texas organization, and how the Texas team has been in the news lately because of Ian Kinsler's "sleazeballing" of Rangers general manager Jon Daniels, let's assume it's baseball.

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