By Kevin Figgers

Rapper/Producer Kanye West is one of the most controversial, yet most popular figures in pop culture. Whether he's screaming uncontrollably on stage or walking head first into a street sign, Yeezy cant seem to keep his name out of the headlines (I guess knocking up a chick with the last name Kardashian will do that to you too).

With the release of his 6th studio album just weeks away, what better way to help in its promotion then a video game dedicated to Ye?

"Kanye Quest 3030" is a 2D video game created by Phenix that takes the Chicago rapper into the year 3030 where he encounters a world inhabited by clones of rappers who are being controlled by a "god-like dictator."

The game is currently in the alpha stage of its development. No official release date has been announced. West is in no way affiliated with the game or its company which begs the question of whether itll ever actually be released.

Here's the official trailer for the game: