Photo By Getty Images Sport/Stephen Dunn

By Curtis Sheehan

With San Diego home to the Cincinnati Bengals, the Chargers needed a big win to stay alive in the AFC postseason race, not surprising to most Charger fans, they lost. 

After putting up their highest point total last week (41), yesterday the bolts put up their fewest point total of the season (10) and more importantly they slipped further down into the AFC playoff race. 

Coming off of a big victory against the Kansas City Chiefs last week and with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders both losing on Thanksgiving, San Diego had a chance to gain some ground on Sunday.

“Picked a bad day to have a bad day, I guess.” Chargers Head Coach Mike McCoy said following the teams 17-10 loss. The losses makes San Diego 2-7 on games decided by 7 points or less this season and are four spots away from the sixth and final playoff spot. 

In a game that was blacked out on television in the Southern California viewing area, fans may be glad they missed the Chargers play one of their ugliest games of the year. Three turnovers, no trips to the Bengals red zone and only ten points scored.

“We got to move on; we got to learn from it.” McCoy added, “Got a good football team coming in next week, we have to clean up all the problems and fix all the mistakes we made today and move on.” 

 San Diego needs a giant win this Sunday against the New York Giants if they have any chance of making the postseason.