Getty Images Sport/ Dustin Bradford

By Curtis Sheehan

Throughout the week much of the attention for today’s San Diego Chargers divisional playoff game, has been focused on the Denver Broncos.

Denver is the number one seed, they have one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NFL, and they are playing at home.

It’s no surprise that the team who barley made it into the playoffs, is getting no media pub.

However, before you dismiss the Bolt’s, here are some notes that might change your mind:


 Even though both teams got a win in the regular season matchups, San Diego controlled the clock for 38 minutes in both games.

 If San Diego wants to win today, this seems to be a great recipe for success.

 Controlling the clock =  Peyton Manning Off the Field


 Speaking of Mr. Manning, some are already previewing another Manning versus Tom Brady matchup in the AFC Championship game.

But before anybody talks about that potential marquee matchup, let us remember that Peyton is winless against the Chargers in the postseason.

Including a 2008 playoff game, where a favored Colts team lost to the Chargers, sending San Diego to Massachusetts to face the Patriots….Déjà Vu, maybe?


 Coming off of his worst seasons stat wise last year, Phillip Rivers is playing some of his best football this year. Nothing says that better for the 10 year vet, than his completion percentage.

 Completing almost 70 percent off his passes this season is a career best for Phillip, and even better he is completing 75 percent of his passes in the postseason.

 In the the wild card game against Cincinnatti Rivers went 12-16. He will most likely have more attempts today.

If, Rivers can continue to make smart decisions with the football and control the clock, then San Diego should have enough to beat Denver for a second time this season, and advance to the Championship game next weekend.

 Coverage of today’s game starts at 1:30 only on am 570 Fox Sports LA