Former NBA Center Olden Polynice joined Steve Gorman Sports! and we asked him about a possible new two tier NBA system.

Steve: I’m suggesting the NBA adopt a two tier Relegation and Promotion system where the bottoms teams every year get relegated down to the minors and the top teams in the minors go up to the majors. Off the top of your head have I lost my mind?

Polynice: Not really they do that in Europe. If you don’t maintain a certain level of competence you get sent down to Division 2. It’s kind of like a minor league and I wouldn't mind that. That’s been my argument since I entered the NBA. I am a fan now and the product that is being put out there is trash, if coca cola tasted like crap you wouldn't drink it, so it’s the same thing. So a lot of teams sell you a bowl of goods at the beginning of the season and everybody sells that same bowl of goods of we are going to the championship. We know that only six legitimate teams have a chance of winning the championship. The rest is just this fugazi.


Favorite Team:New York Yankees

Favorite Band/Musician:America