Bleacher Report NBA senior writer Howard Beck joined Steve Gorman Sports! and we asked him what he thought of the one and done rule possibly being changed by Adam Silver.

Steve: Adam Silver on the job less than a week he’s already stated he wants to get rid of the one-and-done rule. What’s your stance on on-and-done?

Beck: I don’t have any particular stances on this. The age limit was created in 2005 in concert with the players union, it was negotiated, it has to be. Now that you have it you have to decide if it is doing everything you wanted it to do. People can debate whether it is right or wrong or whether or not it is well intentioned. If you are going to have any of these limits it makes sense to have it at 2 or 3 years, instead of 1. If the entire premise is that you want these guys to come in as developed as possible, emotionally, physically, basketball terms. If you want grown ups in the league and guys who have developed their skills to a certain level to where you feel comfortable paying them millions of dollars guaranteed. Then one year is probably not enough and 2 years makes more sense. So, it’s not surprising they always wanted it to be 2 but they did 1 because that is what they could negotiate in 2005. Then in 2011 with the second bargaining agreement, as we know in the prolonged lock out, they never got to the non-economic issues.


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