Iowa State's Guard DeAndre Kane joined Steve Gorman Sports! and we asked him how he felt about getting another chance to play college basketball.

Gorman: You’ve had a pretty interesting story. Now you played at Marshall for a few years, got your degree from Marshall, and then transferred over to Iowa State. I can’t think of another player that’s done that. Are you aware of somebody else having a similar path?

Kane: Um, not really. I know there’s been a lot of transfers and fifth year guys, but I don’t know a lot of players that graduated from a school and went to another school and worked on a Master’s Degree. But you know, I’m blessed to even be put into this situation, to get a second chance to play somewhere in a great community for great coach; Coach Fred Hoiberg. He gave me a second chance and believed in me and I think I made the best out of this opportunity and it worked out both ways pretty good.


Favorite Team:Los Angeles Lakers

Favorite Band/Musician: Jay Z