We asked former NBA player and current FOX Sports NBA insider Olden Polynice what it was like in the Indiana Pacers locker room .

Jeffrey Gorman: "Take us into a locker room like Indiana has right now. How hard is it to get guys to buy in? Especially when Rob Hibbert’s doing what he’s doing, not producing on the court and wanting to suck his thumb when he’s sitting on the bench."

Polynice: "And that’s the thing. You’ve got a guy like him who had a great series last year, he averaged almost 18 points a game during the Playoffs and now he’s averaging 7 and that in itself is a major problem. But the defense is what’s been letting them down… that’s what they’ve been known for and that’s the thing they’re not doing. And so all those things are compounded so it really doesn’t matter about Granger or anything else. They have to get to what they do best, which is play solid defense. You have a Defense Player of the Year in Hibbert who is not playing as such. He’s just… a big doofus out there right now… that’s how he’s looking."


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