Former UCLA and NBA great Marques Johnson called in and we asked if he was the original "point forward".

Steve: "Marques, a lot of people say you were the first "point forward" like you hear that term thrown around. Did you come up with that or did someone of your team or that something people wrote in hindsight?"

Marques: "Well, Steve, I am glad you asked that question because I actually came up with the term. There’s some argument, you get some people in Seattle saying Lenny Wilkins and Johnny Johnson came up with the term. They played the position; you’ll get others that talk about like Dale Harris and Robert Reed down in Houston. What happened was we were playing against the New Jersey Nets in the early 80’s we had two or three of our point guards, Quinn Buckner and Tiny Archibald who weren't available. So, Don Nelson during a practice before our first or second game in that series against the Nets Albert King, Michael Ray Richardson and Otis Smith, had me initiate the offense from the point guard position. So I would bring the ball up and dribble to the wing and we would start our offense. My comments to Nelly after that shoot around, after that practice was instead of a point guard I am a point forward. Nelly said oh yeah I like that you are my point forward, so Nelly started using that with Paul Pressey after I was traded a couple years later. It started to catch on in the basketball language but I was the first one to actually utter the phrase point forward. There’s something, Steve, they can take a lot away from me but they can’t take that from me. I’m holding on to it for dear life."


Favorite Team: UCLA Bruins

Favorite Band/Musician: Stevie Wonder