We talked to FOX Sports Insider Jen Engel about the inherent sexism of the Donald Sterling controversy that seemingly got brushed under the rug and this is what she said.

Gorman: "No one is talking about one element of the Sterling saga. I saw you tweeted it the other day and that is, of course, the inherent sexism of this whole thing. Why is no one discussing this?"

Engel: "Because we don’t care about sexism. It’s something that we’re cool with. So he had a wife and a girlfriend? So basically in the entire conversation with the girlfriend he basically kept telling her, “Listen, I have all this money. I can go get another one of you or five more of you or ten more of you.” And he wasn’t wrong. There was nothing in that sentence that was wrong. I bring this up and nobody wants to talk about it because it’s ugly and it’s not pretty, but it’s the same thing with the Tiger thing. Everyone was so mad at Tiger, like “How could he do this?” There was a line, a gauntlet, of these whores lining up for him too. You know… is Donald Sterling a bad guy? Absolutely. Does he need to be out of the NBA? Absolutely. But to pretend like this girlfriend, who knew he had a wife… are we thinking she was really attracted to this guy? No, she was attracted to his money. She’s dirty too. She gets dropped in the grease on this too. "


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