Yahoo Sports MLB Analyst Jeff Passan joins Steve Gorman SPORTS! live from Minneapolis to preview Derek Jeter's last All-Star Game.

Steve Gorman: "Who will replace Derek Jeter as the new face of baseball?"

Jeff Passan: "I think it’s Mike Trout. I think he is the best player in baseball right now and frankly, it’s not really close. More than that, I think he’s being groomed for it. You know, if you go look at the people that Nike has given a shoe to, like a signature shoe, out of the past 25 years, the first baseball player it gave one to was Ken Griffey Jr. The second one it gave it to was Derek Jeter. And the third one with a brand new shoe this year? Take a guess who it was. It was Mike Trout. So, a lot of times, the whole idea of the face of baseball does come from the marketing side of things, but they’re not going to jump on board with someone who they don’t think can capture that. And Mike Trout at 22 years old, and a market like Los Angeles, one of the most talented players who has ever played baseball and even though he’s done this for only two years, I feel very comfortable saying that. With all these attributes, he’s got to be the guy at this point."


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