Heat sideline reporter Jason Jackson called in and we discussed LeBron's public stance against the Sterling family.

Steve Gorman: "How much does it mean to the rest of the players in the league that the best player in the league stands up and says that he wants the Sterling family out in L.A.?"

Jackson: "That he is not afraid to say respect, now if you disagree then you can disagree but you don’t have to hide in the shadows and say you don’t know enough about the details or you didn't see the interview. You know how guy are they don’t want to be bothered with taking a stand. I think back to when I was 29, I was so cocky and stupid, at ESPN thinking I was the greatest thing in the world covering basketball. I probably would have protected myself, my family and my money. So I think about a guy who that should do exactly that but realize what his voice means, not just to the team and not just to the league but to society at large. He is willing to do what Tiger Woods won’t do, what Michael Jordan wouldn't do when they were in their prime. There is financial impact on that or not but I think Lebron’s core audience both basketball and business both recognize and support him. At least number one, him taking a clear stand and number two, recognizing why he is doing it and number three, respecting he is willing to step to a microphone on more than one occasion to say something."


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