Soccer analyst Grant Wahl joins Steve Gorman SPORTS! to discuss the fearlessness of the U.S. World Cup team.

Steve Gorman: "Do you expect to see the U.S. come out just as aggressively against Germany as they did against Portugal?"

Grant Wahl: "It’s hard to know exactly what to expect with this U.S. team except to say that I think they’re fearless. They’ve shown that in both games now and they outplayed Portugal in a way that they didn’t against Ghana. So I don’t think you will see the U.S. sit back against Germany. I do think that if this game, certainly not pre-arranging a tie, but if this game gets into the 80’ mark, 85’ mark and it’s still tied, that you may see both teams not committing players forward to go for the win, when you know, a tie sends both teams to go through. But you know, we will see how it breaks out because if you’re the U.S., you don’t really want to rely on the Ghana-Portugal game to advance."


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