We asked former NBA and NCAA coach Eric Musselman if he thought student athletes should be compensated.

Steve: "You just finished up being the lead assistant at Arizona State. You know exactly what student athletes are going through these days. Do you think they should get compensated?"

Eric Musselman: "That is such a hard question. I know that even a little thing like the ruling that came out today with the meals is important because there is so much time in it. It is a full time job. I have a high school senior who is getting ready to attend college. When you think about the school work and the adjustment of living away from home, that itself is hard enough on a student. Then you add in the fact that there are film sessions, guys that have to study their play books, and watch film on their own. So, it is a full time job. With the way society is and the amount of money that is being made off these student athletes, in such instances as the NCAA tournament, big bowl games, or football games, you would certainly think that the players would be able to get free solid meals. Obviously, like I said, the small things like the ruling today with the meals is a huge decision that will defiantly benefit the players."


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