Eric Dickerson #29

The Los Angeles Rams said enough was enough after getting plowed by the Atlanta Falcons over the weekend, electing to fire head coach Jeff Fisher amid a 4-9 season.

With the news breaking just minutes before the Eric Dickerson Show on Monday, it was an eventful afternoon at BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse in Irvine.

A couple of takeaways from an enthralling first hour:

  • Jim Harbaugh is the most popular way-too-early replacement candidate. 
  • Eric Dickerson feels no sympathy for Fisher: "You can't feel sorry for Jeff Fisher, he's made 40-something million. If you are not doing well, you got to get out of here."
  • It had become clear that Fisher had started to lose the locker room, and as Dickerson notes, you cannot come back from that.
  • Dickerson DOES NOT want a coordinator or college coach without NFL head coaching experience. It is crucial to have someone that commands respect.
  • Simply put, you need to win in L.A., and the Rams were not getting that done with Fisher at the helm.

Listen to the entire first hour below.

Hour 1: