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Article Credit: Vincent Bonsignore (Daily News

[DETROIT] A slew of buses sat outside Ford Field on Sunday to transport a solemn group of Rams to Detroit Metro Airport. There, a charter plane was awaiting them amid the gray clouds and stillness of a mid-October evening on Michigan’s lower peninsula.

The destination was of no concern. Or significance really.

It doesn’t really matter much.

Six games into their triumphant return home to Los Angeles, it’s becoming painfully and frustratingly clear that all roads and flight patterns lead to the exact same place for the Rams. Head first into a brick wall separating them from who they really are and what they aspire to be. 

The Rams undoubtedly want to be a real player in the National Football League. A complete, balanced group for whom winning is the norm and losing an occasional blip on the screen.

That’s what they want to be.

What they are, we learned once again in a bitterly frustrating 31-28 loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday, is a team that can’t quite find the right pieces to complete the puzzle. Not consistently, any way. And after watching them labor ever so taxingly even during their three victories this season, we’d be hard pressed to remember a moment in which everything was clicking for them at the same time.

It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Maybe this is who the Rams will always be under Jeff Fisher. Now in his fifth season, he’s yet to lead the Rams to a winning season. And after starting this year 3-1, the Rams are right back where they’ve always been after losing their last two games. Stuck in the quick sand of .500. Flailing away again in no man’s land.

Maybe that’s just their destiny under Fisher. And why the Rams should not be in a hurry to renew their vows with him when his contract runs out at the end of the season.

“They’re disappointed, as they should be,” Fisher said of the Rams. “I’m disappointed, as I should be. The staff is disappointed. We couldn’t make that play that we needed to.”

How many times can we bear hearing that same tired response?

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