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Article Credit: Vincent Bonsignore (OC Register)

Give Jeff Fisher this much at least.

When he sticks to his guns, he really sticks to his guns.

The Rams coach firmly believes in the plan he has in place for rookie quarterback Jared Goff. It’s built on a foundation of patience and prudence and follows a blueprint he drew up 21 years ago as the head coach of the Houston Oilers to bring along then-rookie quarterback Steve McNair.

The gist being: Goff – like McNair – will not see the field until Fisher thinks he’s ready to handle the job.

That’s why Fisher is sticking for now with Case Keenum, who hasn’t exactly distinguished himself while guiding the Rams to a 3-5 record and four straight losses. 

Despite the losing streak and fringe spot in the division and playoff race, Fisher not only believes the Rams can still turn things around, he’s convinced Keenum – not Goff – gives the Rams the best chance to win each week.

It’s a simple formula Fisher makes no bones about adhering to.

And it provides a legitimate glimpse into just how comfortable he is about his future as the head coach of the Rams.

Which is to say, pretty damned comfortable despite being in the final year of his contract and no official word yet on a new deal

“I’m not uncomfortable at all,” he said. “I’m uncomfortable because I didn’t expect to be three-and-whatever we are, OK, but I’m not uncomfortable at all. I never look over my shoulder, we’re moving on. (Rams owner) Stan (Kroenke) and I are on the same page, he understands what we’ve been through, he’s as disappointed as I am at the losses – two three-points and a seven-point in the last three games. He understands that we’re competitive and we’re doing everything we possibly can to get this turned around.”

My thoughts?

Fisher and the Rams have an agreement on the parameters of a two- or three-year deal. While the 30-40-1 overall record over the past four-plus years might not be worthy of it, the Rams appreciate what Fisher has done in rebuilding a morbid roster and navigating the Rams across their 1,600-mile relocation from St. Louis to Los Angeles in as seamless a fashion as possible.

And barring a complete face plant over the past eight games, the Rams will renew their vows with Fisher at the end of the season. Whether he sticks around through the length of the deal will largely depend on what happens in 2017, with the Rams more than a year removed from relocation madness.

Point being, he’ll be on as short a leash as possible.