Another day, another proclamation that an injury-stricken former MVP guard is in proper working order and prepared to play basketball. First, it was Chicago Bulls point man Derrick Rose who, seven months after season-ending surgery to repair a torn meniscus, is reportedly ready to go "if the season started tomorrow." (Which, of course, it doesn't, but still: neat!) Now, it's Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant who's saying he's in tip-top condition and eager to return after a season-ending left knee fracture back in December.

The Black Mamba brought us up to speed on his physical condition during a brief interview in Brazil, where Bean's taking in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, disagreeing with U.S. men's national soccer team manager Jurgen Klinsmann's assessment of the $48.5 million contract extension, and (potentially) inspiring Clint Dempsey's equipment choices. The relevant section starts at the 29-second mark:

"How is your knee? Are you prepared for next season?" the interviewer asks.

"Oh, yeah. I'm 100 percent," Bryant replies. "One hundred percent."

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