The Sterling controversy ain't over yet.

Just when you thought the Donald Sterling controversy was over after the official sale of the Los Angeles Clippers team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer earlier this month, his ex-girlfriend V. Stiviano filed new legal documents with the bombshell claims that not only is the former NBA team owner gay, but that she's been acting as his "beard" for the past three years.

In the documents obtained by ET, Stiviano says she was never a sexual partner of Sterling, and believes that he's "a homosexual and enjoys sexual acts and/or sexual congress with males."

VIDEO: V. Stiviano Gets Confrontational in ET's New Interview

In another shocking claim, she also says that Sterling's wife Rochelle (Shelly) was aware of his sexual orientation and approved the gifts of money and property given to her for "acting in the capacity of and or for being Donald and Shelly's beard."

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