The NFL's Oakland Raiders are interested enough in relocating to San Antonio that owner Mark Davis met with city officials about a possible move in July. The San Antonio Express-News said the Spurs would be opposed to that move, saying they are concerned about their long-term economic future if they had to compete with another pro team for sponsorships, suite sales and ticket sales. That's a viable concern in a small market.

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The apparent solution, the Express-News story said, is that the holding company that controls the Spurs wants to take control of the Raiders if they move to San Antonio. It seems incredibly difficult to believe Davis, who visited the home of Spurs owner Peter Holt during his visit to San Antonio in July, would have the least bit of interest in that.

“I would be more excited about the Oakland Raiders moving to San Antonio if the Spurs ownership group had the possibility of purchasing the team,” said Charlie Amato, a Spurs shareholder, to the Express-News.

The Spurs' opposition could put San Antonio in a difficult spot. Adding an NFL team, if the Raiders were serious about moving and could get NFL approval to do so. would definitely increase the visibility of San Antonio. The Raiders' lease at their stadium in Oakland is up after this year, and the team has been vocal about wanting a new stadium. Adding an NFL team is an incomparable boost for the reputation of a city, especially one the size of San Antonio. But the Spurs have been phenomenal for San Antonio. The Spurs just won their fifth NBA title and their style of play draws universal respect in the sporting world. San Antonio City Council member Joe Krier summed up what the NBA team's objections might do to the Raiders wanting to move there.

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