We know Albert Pujols isn't fast. It was proven twice last week when Manny Machado nailed him at first base with great plays at third. We also know that Pujols could barely run last season because of a foot injury.

With all that in mind, you can almost understand why Yasiel Puig didn't figure Pujols was a threat on the base paths during the Los Angeles Angels-Los Angeles Dodgers game Monday night. Pujols may not be fast, but he showed Puig he's still very much an alert ballplayer, the kind of guy from whom Puig can stand to learn a thing or two.

In the eighth inning, Pujols tagged up at first base and advanced to second on a deep fly ball to center field. Puig caught the ball as if no one was on base. We know well his love for throwing out baserunners, so the fact that he caught the ball so nonchalantly signaled he wasn't really worried about Pujols.

After Pujols slid into second, Puig glared toward him, looking well aware of the fact that Pujols had made him look like a fool. Later in the inning, Puig motioned to Pujols that he should try to take third base, but that didn't happen. When the inning was over, Puig passed Pujols on the field. The two exchanged words and Pujols went back the Angels' dugout mocking Puig with a series of hand gestures and facial expressions. 

This all seemed to be in good fun — no batters were hit in retaliation — and the tone in the clubhouse after the game didn't seem to incite any kind of feud between the two L.A. teams.

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