LA Today Ed

Fred: What needs to happen?


Eric: I want an apology from Jeff Fisher and most definitely Kevin Demoff. An open apology. You know what…be a man, Kevin Demoff, and call me. Kevin said he called and reached out to me.  He said he reached out to me and tweeted at me.  I’m going to tell you the whole scenario. Yes, he tweeted me when I was on the show. Sent me a tweet.  Called me while I was on the air.  Called me when I was on the show. I didn’t have a chance to call him back

If it was really important to Kevin, Kevin would’ve called me three or four times.  That’s how men work.  That’s how I do things.  If it was really important to me, I’m going to call you multiple times.  To me, he’s protecting himself because I think he does have some culpability because like everybody else, I have my sources too.  You know, so my thing is that he called me, I  hadn’t call him back. Kevin Demoff was supposed to call me back about an issue six years ago. Six years ago! I’m going to call you today.  I’m going to call you Friday. I never heard from Kevin until this story broke.  He calls me after that. I have a problem with that.  Be a man, stand up to me.


Leeann: And if they apologize, will you go back on the sidelines for a game before the end of the season?


Eric:No, I’m a man of my word. I said I would never go back.  I will still support my team, I will one-thousand percent support the Rams. But I’m never going back on that field.


Fred: You want an apology, what do you want them to apologize for?


Eric:  I want them to apologize for making me look like I was lying, like I was making this up.  Like it was a miscommunication.  It wasn’t no miscommunication.  I didn’t mishear anything. I’m not hard of hearing. They said it, I heard it.

My mom taught me this ‘when someone is talking, listen. Don’t say anything. When Jeff (Fisher) was talking, I didn’t say a word. I just listened and listened and listened. And when he paused, I said ‘Jeff are you finished?  He said he was, and I said ‘ok, it’s my turn.”  So I didn’t mishear anything.